Running is Magical | Running Apparel


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Welcome to Athena Apparel where we have Awareness T-Shirts and Motivational Workout Apparel for all women.

Light Blue Hair Scarf | Hair Wraps for Women

Athena Hair Accessories

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Grab a gorgeous hair scarf to dress up your hair! Made of 100% Cotton they are adjustable and perfect for...

Athena Hair Ties and Scrunchies

Athena Hair Ties and Scrunchies

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Looking for an added addition to your Hair Accessories collections? We added these adorable hair ties made out of the...

Cloth Tote Bags

Cloth Tote Bags

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Our Newest Collection is our Eco-Friendly Cloth Tote Bags.  They come in some super cool designs. Let's keep the environment...

Adventure Awaits Mug | Athena Fitness Collections


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Our Drinkware Collection is made for that first morning coffee, or that late night wine or beer. Made for camping...

Plant Lady Knotted Headband | Knotted Headbands for Women

Knotted Tie Up Headbands

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Need a cool fun Knotted Tie Up headbands you can use many different ways. Our Knotted Tie Up Headbands are...

Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness

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Your Mental Health Matters!!! We are always adding many styles and items to our mental health collection.

Black Sparkle Turban Twist Headband | Turban Twist Headbands

Turban Headbands

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About our Turban Headbands Made of the softest jersey knit, spandex blend, you will have a turban workout headband that...

Dark Grey Knitted Knotted Ear Warmers Headband

Winter Ear Warmers

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Winter may be cold but grab one of our handmade knitted turban headbands for style and warmth. 

Paisley Workout Headband | Workout Headbands for Women

Workout Headbands

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Our Athena Workout Headbands are our OG Workout Headbands. Designed with you in mind we created a collection of workout headbands...