Spring Pineapples Tie Headband

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[Our Tie Headbands:]

You are going to Love our ADJUSTABLE Pineapple Tie Headband. 

Made of High-Quality performance fabric you can Adjust the headband and tie it in the front or back for post workouts. Or wear for work it's a super versatile adjustable headband. 


Hand Wash and Line Dry for the best care of our headbands.

{About Me}

I am a big runner who couldn't find the right workout headband to wear during my runs. I tried numerous brands and just couldn't find a good fit. So, after one of my marathons, I went home learned to sew, researched fabrics and tested them on family and friends. With my love of Greece and the great outdoors Athena Fitness was founded. I hope you find a headband you love to give it a try.

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